Pittsburgh in a day

Pittsburgh usually does not get listed in the places to visit for a traveler to US but it is a city with rich history and once known as the “Steel city”. The growth of industry also resulted in severe air pollution though today it is not the case. The downtime of steel industry brought massive layoffs and the city population almost reduced to half. Pittsburgh is also known for Cargenie-Mellon university, one of the top universities in US.

View from Mt. Washington


I was in Pittsburgh on an official visit and had some time to spare. This was my second visit to this city and last time I had been to Indoor pistol range with my colleagues. This time we visited some places in Pittsburgh city. February is not a good time in Pittsburgh in terms of weather but to our luck the weather was good that day.

Cathedral of learning and Heinz Chapel

On the outskirts of downtown, historic buildings galore.  Cathedral of Learnings dominates the space with its huge size. It is built on Gothic revival architecture. Situated in University of Pittsburgh, it is one of the tallest academic building in the world. Next to it is Heinz Chapel, a small but attractive building. The nearby Carnegie Museum of Natural History and Art is also said to be a nice museum.

Cathedral of learning

Heinz chapel

Who is Carnegie?

It is a name frequently heard or seen in Pittsburgh. Andrew Carnegie was a Industrialist who built Carnegie Steel company in Pittsburgh. He was one of the richest person at that time. He gave away almost 90% of his wealth to charities, foundations and universities.

Carnegie natural museum

Downtown area

Downtown area has few significant buildings like US steel tower and PPG place though they cannot be compared with the skyscrapers of New York or Hong Kong. 

US Steel tower

PPG place

Mount Washington

It is the most beautiful place in Pittsburgh that provides beautiful view of the Pittsburgh city. The confluence of Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers is a nice site to view. The clear difference in the colours of water made me to remember the prayags that I had seen in my Char Dham trip.

Panoramic view of Pittsburgh from Mt. Washington

Sri Venkateshwara temple

This is one of the earliest temple in US and frequently visited by Indians staying in Pittsburgh. The puliyogre (tamarind rice) and curd rice served is very tasty!!

Sri Venkateshwara temple, Pittsburgh

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