I am a software professional in Bengaluru with travel as passion. Though I used to travel from my childhood, it started as an addiction with the trek to Kumara Parvatha in 2003. In the initial years, I mainly focussed on trekking but it has come down in the last few years. Family trips has replaced it which I am equally enjoying.

Most of my trips are either with family or with close friends. I rarely go on solo trip. Most of the my solo trips are part of my official travel. Of course, there are few exceptions but not many.

What kind of a traveller am I? Hard to say, as I visit mountains, temples, beaches, wildlife etc. I just enjoy as long as it is interesting. I hate crowds and have very little patience when it comes to waiting. Hence when I go to religious places, it is quite normal for me to come back without “darshan”!!

My interest in photography comes with travel though I am no way close to being a serious photographer.

I started writing as a means of documenting my visits but then it opened up a new avenue. I got to know lot of people, made friends and learnt new stuff. Though I get very little time to write, I try to update the blog regularly.

Happy reading!! Do let me know your feedback.

My contact: aravindgj@gmail.com