Seven step waterfall

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A well known waterfall in western ghats. My previous attempt to hike to this waterfall was a failure as we had timed it badly. It was dark by the time we reached the 3rd stage and had to return back. That was about 10 years ago. 

Waterfall at a distance


This time there was no such goof-ups. We had reached the nearest town in the morning. Relying on the public transport meant that the last mile of the journey had to be either done by foot or private vehicles. There was no option but to take an expensive Jeep ride to the last village before the waterfall. The Jeep driver justified the price blaming it on the bad roads. Of course, if the road was good there was no need for his Jeep at all. Anyway, we reached the last house without any incident. 

The last house before the waterfall.


Since the waterfall has gained popularity, forest department had stepped in to maintain some discipline among trekkers. Our bags were checked for alcohol. We were reminded not to throw any plastics on the path. It was a nice approach by them to maintain sanctity of the place. Also, they did not ask any money. 

Villagers working in the fields


It looked like we were the first ones to walk on the path that day. The initial part of the trek was on the paddy fields. With good rains this year, the villagers were busy working in the field. We took some time to enjoy the scenery of the place before entering into the forest. Within few minutes, the first step of the waterfall was visible.

First stage of the waterfall


We had to walk on the stream to climb up. It was not slippery and we walked quickly. The second step gave way to the third stage of the waterfall. The third stage was quite significant and it was quite possible for a person to return back thinking that it was the main waterfall. This place demanded some time before we climbed up further.

Third stage


The path ahead was bit tricky. Climbing directly on the falls was not possible due to steep and slippery rocks. The only way was to climb the slippery rocks along the side of the waterfall. We had to be little careful to ensure that we do not slip down. Climbing up is not difficult. It would interesting while climbing down on the slippery path.

Subbu climbing up carefully over slippery surface


The path after the third stage went inside the forest bypassing few stages of this waterfall. These stages were small. We crossed to the other side of the stream and the main stage of the waterfall was visible. With some boulder crossing, we reached to the base of the waterfall. 

The final stage of the waterfall


Every waterfall is different and this was not an exception. The waterfall jumping from a height of about 100 feet was simply great. We spent time just enjoying the beauty of the waterfall. It started drizzling and slowly it turned into heavy rain. That added to the beauty of that place. 

At the base of the falls


We had the luxury of walking on our own while climbing back. The situation was different during return journey. Large number of people (in hundreds) were climbing up making our downward journey very slow. We congratulated ourselves for starting early before the crowds had arrived. But everyone was excited and in sprit. That was nice.


A frog near the waterfall. It was a difficult photograph as I had a wide angle lens!!


Back in the last house, we did a check on the leech bites. Surprisingly, there was none!! 

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