Rani Jhari view point

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We were searching for a waterfall near Sunkasale. When enquired with a local person, he mentioned that we had to go back and take the diversion. But in the same breath he suggested us to also visit “Rani Jhari”, a view point that was 3-4 kms further. Though the rains had pounded the area for past few days, it was sunny at that particular point of time. It made sense to first look at the view and then go to waterfalls.

The “edge”


The area was not new to me. I had walked on the same road to climb Ballalarayana Durga few years ago. It seemed that “Rani Jhari” was nothing but a view point on the way to the fort. It would be a nice place for Chaya and Tanu to enjoy the scenery. While I was thinking about these things, we had already reached a place where few cars had parked. I found a place to park my car and we started walking.

Edge of the hill


Very shortly we were near the view point. The weather had changed by then with mist covering the whole area. The wind was blowing and we waited for the mist to clear. When it cleared, it was astonishing to see that we were at the edge of the western ghats. Tanu was super excited to be at that place. 

Walking along the edge of the hill


There was lot of places to walk and see the scenery. Each place provided a different view. I was wondering about the speed at which the things were changed in that area for past few years. Home stays had mushroomed and the crowd was significant even during the peak of monsoon. It looked like the “Bhooth bungalow” was also converted into a resort!!  Ballalarayana Durga stood majestically irrespective of the changes happening at its base. 

Tanu jumping in the background of Ballalarayana Durga


The nature decided that it had given us enough time to savour the scenery and put the entire area under the blanket of mist. It was a signal for us to move down!!

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