Hoysala Temples of Krishnaraja Pet (KR Pet)

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KR Pet is a small town on Mysuru – Channaraya Patna highway. Many temples constructed during Hoysala times are present around the town. In our previous visit, we had covered few of those temples. Recently, we went again to visit the remaining temples. This post gives a brief overview of these temples.

Sangameshwara Jangameshwara Temple

Huniseshwara Temple, Agrahara Bachalli

On the outskirts of KR Pete is the village of Agrahara Bachalli. It is not good to rely on Google maps to find the route to this village as it leads to wrong location. Ask locals and they happily guide you to the village. While the roads around KR Pete is generally good, the road leading to the village from the main road is very bad. The roads get narrow inside the village but still it is not difficult to find a parking place near the temple. The temple was locked but the house of the caretaker was nearby and we could get the key.

Huniseshwara temple


The unique feature of this temple is Garuda Lenka Kambhas (Pillars). The sculptures on the pillar top is very interesting. There are lot of hero stones in the temple complex. It was a good practical session for my daughter who is learning about the inscriptions, manuscripts etc. 

The pillars of Huniseshwara temple


While the walls of the temple are very simple, the Gopura is intricately carved.

Gopura of Huniseshwara temple


The interior of the temple. The temple has been renovated with the help of Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatha Trust.

Interiors of Huniseshwara temple

Lakshminarayana temple, Sindhaghatta

Sindhaghatta has many beautiful Hoysala temples and one of them is Lakshminarayana temple which is is built upon a raised platform. It is a non ornate variety of Hoysala style of architecture. A board in the temple complex provides nice explanation about the temple.

Lakshminarayana temple


Carvings on the roof


The pillar of Lakshminarayana temple


Sangameshwara – Jangameshwara Temple, Sindhaghatta

Another beautiful temple in Sindhaghatta is the twin temples of Sangameshwara and Jangameshwara. It was about 5-10 mins walk from Lakshminarayana temple. The village roads were narrow since the grains were kept on the road, we decided to walk that distance. The outer walls are uncarved like in Lakshminarayana temple but the interior is intricately carved.

Outside view of Sangameshwara Jangameshwara Temple


Sangameshwara Jangameshwara Temple


Sindhaghatta village


Malleswara Temple, Aghalaya

The striking feature of Malleshwara temple in Aghalaya is the large area around the temple. Having seen the temples situated in between houses, this provides a welcome respite. This is a tributary temple, with three chambers. An excellent example of Hoysala architecture. 


Malleswara Temple, Aghalaya


Entrance to Malleshwara temple


Carvings in Malleswara temple


As mentioned earlier, this was our second visit to this area. In our previous visit, we had covered the following temples.

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