The tale of two waterfalls in Tillari

Tillari 1 waterfalls

We were not sure about visiting this waterfall as it was in not in my “list”. Locals mentioned about this place and automatically it was added to our itinerary, but as the last place of visit on that long day. It rained heavily and the entire area was covered by mist. Our hopes were not very high as the falls was supposed to be seen from a view point. But our luck changed as we reached the place and we saw the beautiful view of the falls.

Waterfalls seen from view point


A closer look at the waterfall revealed few people at the base!! We had not plans of reaching the base but the sight of the waterfall made us to think again. Sankara mentioned that it was worth going down to see the waterfall.

Closer view of the waterfall


But it was a tough way to the base. The path was continuously going down and extremely slippery. The heavy rain that had pounded the area few minutes ago made the journey more difficult. Sankara decided to return back as the path was too difficult for his knees. I was in dual mind but decided to continue the journey to the base. The going was difficult as I hate slippery paths. I had returned back on many such occasions. But this time I was determined not to do that again!! At one place, a rope was placed as support to go down the slippery path. I came across lot of slippers that were torn or placed on the side of the path. That explained the state of the path!!

Slippery path and the rope


I reached the stream without any incident. I was expecting to see the waterfall but before that I had to cross the stream and walk upstream a bit over boulders. I did that in a jiffy and very soon I was in front of a nice waterfall. A nice pool had formed at the base which had turned muddy due to the rains. The crowd was significantly low which I think was due to the slippery path. Few people were playing in the water. I just sat there for few minutes.

View of the waterfall


I decided not to spend too much time as Sankara would be waiting for me at the top. The rains were also promising to strike again which make the climb difficult. Some times we suddenly have burst of energy and I experienced the same on that day. I climbed back without stopping at all. Sankara was quite surprised to see me back so quickly.

Tillari waterfall

Tillari 2 waterfall

We were visiting a view point, I casually asked a local about the other waterfall that I had in mind. He told me the directions on how to proceed to that place. I asked him to explain it to our driver. Some conversations happened between our driver and the local in Marathi which I did not understand. But the outcome was that suddenly both the local and driver told that it is not possible to visit that place in monsoon!! I found the conversation between them fishy though I could not understand the language.

Tillari waterfalls


The driver was simply not interested in going to that place. The road was bad and he wanted to take it easy. I had none of it. I asked him to drive as far as his car could go and then we will try out best to reach the waterfall by foot. No amount of excuses from him convinced me. He cribbed a bit but he had no option. 

Tillari waterfall


The road was indeed bad and deserted but it passed though forests and scenery was simply great. But we were in for a surprise when we came near the waterfall. The place was filled with people and vehicles. So much so for driver telling that it was not possible to reach this place in monsoon. He was speechless. 

Crowd at Tillari waterfall


We had to walk a bit to reach the waterfall. While the waterfall was beautiful with a pool formed at the base, the sheer number of people disappointed me. The scene looked like a mall in the forest. Like many places in that area, people mainly visit to consume alcohol and throw bottles. There is no way you can walk barefooted. Too risky. Of course, the garbage was also thrown by people liberally. 

Top view of Tillari waterfall


While the drive to that place (one hour from nearest village) was beautiful, the state of the waterfall made us sad. 

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