The mighty Sural waterfalls

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A small road deviated from Belagavi to Goa highway. A board “Sural” indicated the presence of a village but actually the place is famous for a beautiful waterfall. Within few hundred meters from the highway, we entered into Goa state. The scene changed suddenly with bars and liquor shops making their appearance!! It’s Goa, right? Strangely, the only entry point to that village is from Karnataka as the mighty western ghats block all other paths to Goa.

A closer look at the waterfall


We were stopped at a forest entry point. Entry fees per head was Rs 20 and for Rs 75 for four wheeler. Boards mentioning not to carry alcohol was put but both forest officers and tourists ignored it. Nevertheless, we paid the fees and proceeded further. Very soon, we reached the parking place. The view point was visible. 

Sural waterfalls seen from view point


The scenery from the view point was mind blowing. A Huge waterfall amidst the large expanse of mountains and forests!! It was just amazing. This is a waterfall to be viewed only from a distance. I am not sure whether there is a route to reach to top or base. By the way, have you heard about Mahadayi river row between Karnataka and Goa? The same river!! The proposed river diversion project is planned to be constructed on the upstream of this river. It later joins Mahadayi river (called Mandovi in Goa). 

Sural waterfalls


For a person entering parking lot, this place looks like an open bar!! You can see people opening drinking alcohol and throwing bottles on the ground. Be careful about glass pieces while walking. The two of us with our camera and tripod felt like outcast. By the way, Karnataka has set up an excise post right at the highway deviation to catch people coming back with liquor bottles from Goa. I heard from the driver that they confiscate the bottles if found. Later they will either drink or sell it!! In our case, the excise Checkpost person was visibly annoyed by not being able to find any “bottles” in our car!!

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8 Responses

  1. Srikanth Manjunath

    Beautiful pics and wonderful narration about the nature and nature of the human’s..good one

  2. niranjan

    Gorgeous frames and glad to know about this waterfalls. Is there only one view point? Did you zoom to capture the first frame?

    • aravindgj

      Thanks Niranjan. As far as I know, this is the only view point. I did use zoom to get the first picture.

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