A walk in Murren village, Switzerland

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After the trip to Jungfrau, I was back in Lauterbrunnen at around 4:30 PM and had some time to kill before dinner. From the list of options I had, I picked out Murren, a mountain village. Like many other mountain villages in Switzerland, it is also car free and can only be reached by public transport.

Scenery from Murren village


The cable car station to Murren was just next to Lauterbrunnen railway station. That was very convenient. Thanks to Swiss pass, the cable car journey was free!! As the cable car moved up the mountain, the surrounding views started to show up. It was stunning. 

View from cable car


The cable car brought me to the top of the mountain. To reach Murren, I had to take a train running on a narrow gauge.

Murren village


Murren was a small and peaceful village that mainly focused on tourism. It provided a great views of Eiger, Jungfrau and Monch. It is a popular ski area but in the month of April the village was in a transition phase to move from ski village to summer destination.

The great mountains of Alps


Though the village was a car free village, there were roads and cars parked in front of houses. It looked like a way exists to the main roads but not opened to tourists. It was good for the serenity of the place. 

A house in Murren


I just walked on the empty streets of the village savouring the views of the surrounding mountains. From Murren it is possible to travel further up to Schilthorn, a beautiful mountain top. There was not much time to do go there. I promised to come back on next day and started my journey down to Lauterbrunnen.

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