Albion lighthouse, Mauritius

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I have a fascination about lighthouses. Wherever I travel, I rarely miss opportunity to visit the lighthouse. The recent trip to Mauritius provided an opportunity to see a lighthouse. Though not a tourist spot, I added Albion lighthouse to the itinerary. Opened in 1910, it is interesting to note that the lighthouse is still operational!!
Albion lighthouse
We went there on one of the evenings. It was about 30 minutes drive from Flac En Flac on the west coast. Very few vehicles parked indicated lack of tourist attraction for this place. We went around the lighthouse and spent some time there. It was not allowed to climb up.
Albion lighthouse from the front
To get good shots of the lighthouse we walked in the grasslands. On one side, I met a group doing wedding photography. It seemed to be a big business these days. One can also get some good views of the coast from the lighthouse. Unlike many places in Mauritius, the coast here was lined with cliff with rough waters. But the place was completely peaceful with very few people.
Albion lighthouse from grasslands
Overall, it was a very nice place. The best time to visit the lighthouse is in the evening.
Ocean view from lighthouse

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  1. D.Nambiar

    That's a beautiful coast.
    Lighthouses are such a great sight. And they make such great backgrounds for wedding photography, don't they?

  2. AH

    Looks really wonderful – the electric blue ocean, the grassy landscape and the lighthouse towering above it all!

  3. aravindgj

    Thanks. Indeed, they provide a very good backgrounds for photography!!

    Thanks for your comment.

    Jaswant Singh,

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