Vintage cars of Prague

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At a high level, all cities look similar but deep inside they have their unique identity and differentiators. One of the interesting thing about Prague was the vintage car tours. As I walked from location to another, I spent some time in looking at these vintage cars and photographing them.

They are mostly suited for families and couples who want to give a different feel to their visit.
There are horse drawn carriages too.
Oops!! This has nothing to do with tours!!!! The battle tank was just placed in front of a museum.
I was curious about the cost of the tour. While I hesitated to ask the driver for the fear that they may pester me to get into the vehicle. But finally, I got the answer!! 
There was also a limo.

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Finally, my mode of transport!! The tram that is part of the public transport in Prague!!

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  1. Antonina K.

    Lovely photos! If you're interested in vintage cars, there is a very nice museum in Ahmedabad, Gujarat – "Auto World" Vintage Car Museum. I don't have a particular interest in automobiles ( be them new or old :)), but I enjoyed my visit nevertheless.

  2. aravindgj

    Thanks for your comment. Good to hear about vintage car museum in Ahmedabad. Will include it in my itinerary when I visit the city.

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