Valara waterfalls

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27 June 2015
Valara waterfall is about 42 km from Munnar on Munnar-Kochi
road. Reaching this waterfall is an easy task as it is situated next to the
road. It is formed by a small stream called Thotti Aar which later joins
Periyar River.

I have been trying to get some “smooth flow” of water in
falls. I failed most of the times as I could not get a good shot without a
tripod. This time I was armed with a tripod. The results were better though
there is a long way to go. But I was constantly challenged by rains. I also
looked like an odd man out among the crowd who were mostly taking selfie photographs
with waterfall background. As it was my first experience with tripod, it think I was also equally conscious!!

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