Searching for elusive Sri Narayanapura waterfalls

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27 June 2015
While driving towards Kuthumkal waterfalls, we saw a board
about this waterfall. It was news for us as we had never heard its name. But keeping
our destination in focus we drove towards Kuthumkal waterfalls. After visiting
Kuthumkal falls, we decided to look for the new falls. Unfortunately, we had
seen only one board about this falls on our way. Most locals were not aware of
this falls but luckily there were few who knew about its existence. In the
meantime, I managed to “catch” this falls in the map. Then it was pretty
straightforward to reach the falls.
The final few km of the road was bad. We were not worried
about bad roads as we could stop the vehicle and walk further but it would pose
a problem if there is not enough space to reverse the vehicle. The locals encouraged
us to proceed further on the road that was rough and slushy.

Temple next to the river
We reached a point where the river and the road came nearer.
A brand new Temple was built next to the River. But there was only a cascade next
to the Temple but not the waterfall. The river made a jump after the Temple
which meant that the waterfall was somewhere down.
The falls must be somewhere down
From a picture, it looks easy to walk down the rocks and
forest. But it is impossible to navigate through them unless we care less about
our lives. The locals were of great help here. They said that we can driver
further and then find a way to reach the base of the falls.
After driving for a km, we reached the place which seemed to
be the base of the waterfalls. But then there was a resort constructed next to
the river. What an amazing place to construct a resort!! The resort was
completely deserted (Off season!!) and the only guy who was managing it did not
bother when we said that we could use their property to see the falls. 
But we were not completely satisfied. We found that the river made another
jump!! It was again impossible to walk next to river. The guy in the resort
told us to go further on the road and take a detour at a certain point.
Language was a problem here as we could not understand him completely. Nevertheless,
we decided to walk further leaving our car behind. It was already getting dark
and we were not sure how much time it would take to reach Munnar. It was a
rainy and windy day. Many trees had fallen all along the route. So, we need to
find a way quickly.
We walked for a km but could not find a way to get down to
river bed. At one point, we decided to walk to a particular turn and return
back if we do not get a clue on finding the path. But with luck was on our side
that day, we did see a small path going down the valley. With great speed we
got down the valley not minding the rains which had started to hit harder.

Our joy knew no bound as we saw the second stage of this
beautiful waterfall. We could not spend much time as the time was not on our
side. But we were content with what we had seen. It was an amazing way to end
the day by seeing a waterfall that we never knew few hours ago!!

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