Kuthumkal waterfalls – where few people visit

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27 June 2015
The information about this waterfall was limited. Unlike
other falls we visited in Munnar, this was away from the main highways and
tourist circuit. So when we started from Adimali, the only help was from the
map that we were using. We first headed towards Rajakkad, a small town in
Idukki district. The road was rough at times and since it rained heavily that
day, waterlogging was seen at many places. A tree had fallen on the way for
which we had to wait for a while for the road to be cleared.

With the help of locals, we reached near the falls. The last
few km was a series of hairpin bends on a narrow road. And then waterfalls
appeared suddenly. Unlike other falls, we had to walk a bit to reach the base
of the falls. Though this falls was unique in its own way, it resembled
Sathoddi falls in Karnataka. We could not reach the base of the falls due to
huge and slippery rocks.

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