Struggles to find Kozhipara waterfall

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When we started from Kodenchery, little did we think that
our journey to Kozhipara waterfalls would be an adventure. Google maps showed
two routes to reach the waterfalls. One passed though villages and other route
was inside forest. Obviously we chose the latter.
The road was narrow and climbed up continuously. In fact we
gained 2,500 feet within the span of 5-6 kilometres. On the way we asked a
local whether the route we were following was correct or not. He said something
negative which we could not properly understand. Language was a problem. We
interpreted correctly that he was asking us to return back. But I was so sure
of Google maps that I ignored the local. “This guy does not know the place” was
my reaction. The map was showing 7 km to the waterfalls and it was too difficult
for us to ignore it and turn back.
But local person was absolutely right!! The road abruptly
ended at one place. We were just 4.5 km away from the falls. Invectives came
out of our mouth cursing the map provider. The place was empty and we could not
check with anyone. It was not necessary as there was no way we could continue
further. With decreased spirits we started driving down.
Now we were more intelligent to take support of a local. The
first person we met on our way agreed to help us out. He was going to a small
village near the waterfall. It was good and we asked him to get into the car.
Apparently forest department had not given permission to construct road through
the forest. Lesson learnt: “Combine technology with local knowledge!!”
We climbed down the road completely and started climbing up
again on the different road. The roads were still narrow as we gained 2,500
feet. At a place called “Kakkampoyil”, we stopped to have a cup of tea. We were
in the car for last 2.5 hours without finding the waterfall!! The villagers at
Kakkadampoyil confirmed that we were on the right path. That was assuring.
After Kakkadampoyil, we got down into a valley. The
waterfall was visible on the opposite side of the valley but we still had to
cover a long distance. There were no clear signs about the waterfall and we did
not realize when we crossed it. Again locals helped here. Turning back on the
narrow ghat road was very difficult for the car.
Actually, Kozhipara is an easy waterfall to reach. You just
need to walk couple of minutes from the road to view the falls.
But it is hard to get down to the base of the falls. We can
only see from the side. The slippery rocks were difficult to negotiate. The waterfall
is formed by Chaliyar River.

With every struggle I have seen a positive outcome. While
struggling to find Kozhipara waterfall, we bumped into another waterfall whose
existence was never known to us. Photo of that waterfall is in the next post.

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