Chinnakanal falls – A beauty in Munnar

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26 June 2015
It was an amazing experience to see the water galloping down
the rocks to create a beautiful waterfall at Chinnakanal, a few km to Munnar.
It does not need much effort to reach this falls as it showcases itself on the
roadside. But to enjoy its full beauty you need to visit in Monsoon when rains
hit Munnar hills.

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  1. Chetana

    I have seen this falls but in the month of January. Water was less. But this is truly a beautiful falls…

  2. gopalgarg

    Hey Arvind GJ,
    Kerala is one of the most beautiful places in the world because of it has hills, sea, rivers and much more. I have visited the place many times but I never got a chance to see the Chinnakanal Falls. After I read about it in your blog and I cannot wait to visit it now.

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