Chandragiri hill in Shravanabelagola

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16 May 2015
People visiting Shravanabelagola normally go to see Bahubali
statue situated on Vindhyagiri hill. Either they are not aware of Chandragiri
hill or simply too tired from climbing big hill that they decide to skip the
smaller one. I belonged to the former category when I visited Shravanabelagola
several years ago. Chandragiri hill looked impressive from Vindhyagiri. But I could
not visit due to lack of time.
Out of 106 memorials in Shravanabelagola, 92 are located in
Chandragiri. So when I and Chaya visited Shravanabelagola last week, the
itinerary just included Chandragiri hill and other less visited places. Keep it
Chandragiri hill is just one the other side of Vindhyagiri. The
hill is situated just across the main road. Like in Vindhyagiri, it is required
to walk bare foot on Chandragiri.
Climbing Chandragiri is very easy compared to Vindhyagiri. As
we climb up, the scenery becomes better and better. Bahubali statue on the
other hill can be seen clearly.
At the entrance of the Temple complex is Kuge Brahmadeva
Pillar known as Manasthambha.
There is a small statue of Bharata, brother of Bahubali. The
statue below the thigh was mutilated at some point of time.
The important Basadi is Chanvundaraya Basadi. The outer
walls are plain but the parapet and tower are ornate.  A narrow passage inside Basadi leads to the
upper storey. It was locked.
Another interesting Basadi is Terina Basadi. While Basadi is
simple structure, the chariot stone structure in front because of which the
Basadi got is name is beautiful.
Other important Basadi is Chandragupta Basadi which is
associated with Chandragupta Maurya.
There are many inscriptions on the hill. Many of them are
preserved under glass covering.
The place is so serene, peaceful and clean. There was
handful of people at the time of our visit. At the same time we could see
hundreds climbing the bigger hill!! The place is simply beautiful.
There is a small cave outside the Temple complex. Nothing
exiting but it provides a nice view of the Temple complex. Not to be missed.

We never expected the visit to be so memorable. It exceeded
all our expectations. 

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