Akkana Basadi

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16 May 2015
Akkana Basadi is a Temple constructed in 1181 AD during the
reins of Hoysala ruler Veera Ballala II. Said to be the oldest Basadi in
Shravanabelagola, it was constructed by a Jain devotee Achiyakka and hence
derives the name “Akkana Basadi”.
The Temple is a simple Ekakuta construction hosting twenty
third Thirthankara Paravanath. The outer walls are plain, a feature of many
Jain Temples.
The tower of the shrine also has limited carvings.
The interior of the Temple has four polished pillars with
highly carved ceilings.

There is an old inscription in Kannada which mentions about
the grant by King Veera Ballalla II.
Housed in the same complex is Siddantha Basadi. It does not
have any architectural work but housed the library of Siddantha texts. But the
religious texts were shifted to Mudabidri in 18th century.

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