Mallikarjuna Temple at Basaralu

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19 April 2015
Basaralu is a small village in Mandya district. In 1234 AD,
Harihara Dandanayaka, an Officer under the Hoysala King Narashimha II constructed
a small Temple dedicated to Lord Mallikarjuna. Few people know about its existence
today. Thanks to ASI, it is still well maintained.

While going we took the route from Maddur via Koppa village.
Though the road was good for most parts, asphalted road was nonexistent for 4-5
km making journey little tiresome. Once we reached Basaralu village it was not
difficult to find the Tempe. Located near a saw mill it is surrounded by

When we reached the Temple, we saw a group of villages were
having a chat in the verandah of the Temple. One of them was a caretaker. It
was good as he had the key to the Temple. Like all Hoysala Temples, this Temple
is also built on top of the raised platform. It is a trikuta Temple consisting of
three garbhagrihas on the west, north and south, a sukanasi, a navaranga, a
small porch and a Nandi mantapa.
It is said that on the day of Ugadi, the sunlight passes
though the holes of the window to fall on Shiva Linga. Amazing!!
The Temple has two entrances with flight of steps leading to
it. Both sides have elephant statues.
The Temple has beautiful wall sculptures which includes
sixteen handed Shiva dancing on Apasmara, Durga with twenty two hands, dancing
Sarawati, Ravana lifting Kailasa and Gajasuramardhana to say a few. It is said
that there are 103 intricately carved wall images.
The main garbhagriha has Mallikarjuna in a form of Shiva
Linga. The other two garbhagrihas consist of Surya Narayana and Naga-Nagini.
There is a Mahishasura Mardhini and Sapta Mathrike statues on either side of
the main garbhagriha.  
Unlike many Hoysala temples controlled by ASI, there is a
board explaining about the Temple. That helps lot of visitors to understand about
the temple. For locals, this is just another Temple used for worship.

A small Temple in the complex.
There was a small stamba outside the main complex. I could
not understand the significance of it and the fact that it is kept out of the Temple
Locals mentioned that the renovation of the Temple was on
the offing as once side of the Temple had collapsed slightly.

While returning we took the road towards Mandya to avoid non
asphalted road. The Mandya road was better but occasionally turned rough!!

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  1. Nisha Jha

    Glad to know that it's well maintained. Your pics show the same. Generally these sites are in pathetic conditions.

  2. Aravind GJ

    Yes. As you said it is well maintained. Surprisingly so!!


    True. And thanks for your comment.

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