Corbyn’s cove beach in Port Blair

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25 December 2014
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In spite of our flight delays in Bengaluru, we arrived on time at Port Blair. It was Christmas and streets of Port Blair were deserted. The roads were smooth and the city looked decent. We checked-in in the hotel, had our lunch and headed to Cellular jail only to find it closed because of Christmas. We quickly changed our plans and headed to Corbyn’s cove beach.
Scenery on the way to Corbyn’s cove beach
The beach was about 5 km from Port Blair. The road passed next to the sea providing some great views. Being new to Andaman we were excited with its blue waters.
Tanu at the beach
There was a good amount of people already in the beach. Many people like me were content with just walking along the beach. There were people enjoying in the water. A small group was playing games.
For adrenaline seekers, Jet Ski’s were available. There were also speed boats for a ride to snake island that was seen from the beach. We would be going on boat for next few days and hence did not consider playing.
One side of the beach was rocky. The shells were attached to these rocks. That was something new to us. Also present were corals on the beach which we were seeing for the first time.


For us Corbyn’s cove beach was a preview of what we could expect in Andaman in coming days. It would be a good place to spend some time in the evening if staying in Port Blair. I would suggest visiting this beach during start of the trip. Else, after seeing the great beaches of Andaman, Corbyn’s cove may not be appealing!!

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  1. Siddharth Kaushik

    I have always wondered – how would it be to stay on an island, surrounded by water everywhere. And your article explains how wonderful it could be! Andaman seems to be a beautiful place through your pictures. I think I should be there for a photography tour.

  2. dimpy roy

    Very useful post. Dubbed as the "Veritable Garden of Eden", Port Blair is the capital and the largest city in the union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Surrounded by lush greenery, beautiful islands and a rugged coastline, Port Blair totally justifies its nickname. It is best known for the Cellular Jail (Kala Pani). Explore Port Blair tourism also.

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