Yagachi dam

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5th July 2014
Thanks to good roads, we were reaching Chikmaglur much ahead
of our schedule.  It was time to look at
some of the detours. We saw the board of Yagachi dam next to the road prompting
us to pay a visit. Unlike other dams where entry is restricted, here public
were allowed to go near the dam. Still one cannot walk on the dam.
There were no restrictions to take snaps. Monsoon was
delayed and hence the dam did not hold much water even in early July. But
nevertheless, it was a good place to spend some time. Next to the dam is a
small garden but bit unmaintained I would say.
My daughter wanted to go near the water. We started walking
on the road that led us to the backwater. The road must have been connected to
some village but now it ended in water. The road was seen on the other end of
We spent a long time here as my daughter enjoyed throwing
stones in the water. We were the only ones at that time so we enjoyed our time

Yagachi dam was constructed in 2001 and is situated near
Belur on Belur-Chikmaglur highway. Spotting it is not difficult as it is just
next to the road. There is also a water sports center located at backwaters. It
is not near the dam but little away from it. We did not visit that place and
cannot say how good or bad it is.

If you are travelling on Belur-Chikmagalur road and have
some time to spare, Yagachi dam is a nice place to visit.

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