Twin Temples of Marle

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5th July 2014
Marle is a small nondescript village but for the Hoysala
Temples in the village. Situated few km away from Chikmagalur, this village has
two beautiful Hoysala Temples. Located in the same compound, the Keshava and
Siddeshwara Temples have their traced to the period of Vishnuvardhana who rules
the Hoysala kingdom in 12th century.
Reaching Marle village was not difficult thanks to helpful
villagers. A small detour on Chikmaglur-Belur road leads to the village. The
Temple is situated in an open area next to the lake.
The Keshava Temple has two small elephant statues holding
lotus at its entrance. One of the lotus is damaged.
The Temples does have some good carvings.

In between the Temples are two stone slabs with
The Temples were locked and hence we could not enter to its
interior. The priest who had the keys stays far away from the Temple.

The Temple does not seem to be under ASI maintenance but
surprisingly it is clear of encroachments. While the compound is of no
hindrance for the animals to enter, it does provide an artificial security to
the Temple.  

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  1. Aravind GJ

    Niranjan, Dhiraj, Rajesh, Sahana, Samanvay,

    Thanks. Yes.. in a better condition considering ASI not being actively involved.

  2. Biswajit Debbarma

    This temple is part of ancient I wish I would of there then may I have seen there.I never had gone that place but I think this place so peaceful.


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  3. Anvi Gupta

    I have been to this temple once. Personally I think this is a beautiful temple. It has immense historical value but I wonder why government has no interest in preserving and maintaining it. Beautiful picture Arvind, I found this post really interesting.

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