Butterfly Park, Banneraghatta

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15th June 2014
I had visited Banneraghatta few times but never bothered to
have a look at the Butterfly Park nearby. I thought that my daughter would like
the place.

The authorities claim that there are 20 species of
butterflies in the park but I could not see all of them. It seems the number of
butterflies increase a lot during the month of October. I am not sure but would
like to visit again during October/November.

It is a decent place to spend some time and understand the
world of butterflies. A small gallery and a documentary provide insight into
the life of butterflies.

Only a small fraction of people visiting Banneraghatta visit
this park. Hence the place is less crowded. But “graphitti” people have put
their marks on the flowers also. It is a pity that we have such lousy people. 

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  1. Anandan Iyer

    Beautiful blog and spectacular post. I have became a fan of your photography. I wish I could be as good as you. My favorite shot would be the one that has the name Sheetal in it. I'm a big fan of nature photography.

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