Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

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30 December 2013
Hawa Mahal is a widely known tourist place in Jaipur. When I
first visited Jaipur in 2005, I had to be contented with a glimpse of it from
outside as the building was being restored.  We got another opportunity last December when
we visited Rajasthan.
Located in the Pink city (old city), Hawa Mahal is a part of
the City Palace. The structure we see in photos is not the main entrance.
From the side entrance one enters a courtyard with fountains.
In the photo below, you can also see Jantar Mantar in the background.
People are allowed to climb to the top of the building
though the pathway becomes narrow at the top. From the top, nice views of pink
city can be seen.
To get the front view of Hawa Mahal (what you see in
photographs), we have to come to the main road.

A tip: All monuments in Jaipur require entrance ticket. There
is also a “combined ticket” which works out cheaper. One can avoid standing in
queue for tickets and the ticket is valid for 48 hours!!

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  1. Yashwanth Rao

    Hi Aravind, by chance had you been to Somnath as well? We met a guy named Arvind in Somnath around 3rd January or so, who was from bangalore as well. Wondering whether it was you only!

  2. Aravind GJ


    I was in Somnath two years ago!! So, it must be another Aravind. I was back in Bengaluru on 31st December.

  3. Scribbles!

    Very Nice pictures! Went to these places 2 months ago, but didn't go inside Hawa Mahal. Just saw from the main road as time didn't permit us. Looks very nice from the inside.

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