Silverline waterfall

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17 November 2013
I came upon this falls few years ago while trekking in
Western ghats.  The view of the falls
from a vantage point was an unforgettable experience. It was during monsoon and
was impossible to reach the bottom of this 400ft single step falls. I promised
to come back again but like all other plans, it was shelved due to the reasons
unknown to me!!
(Photo courtesy: Shasidhar Gadad)
Things took a better turn when Rajesh Naik informed about a
trek they were planning to the base of this waterfall. Rajesh is an avid
trekker who had explored several waterfalls in Karnataka. Though I knew him
from several years, I never got an opportunity to meet him in person. I was
free during that weekend prompting me to join the trek.
And so I landed in Udupi on a Sunday morning. It was 5:30AM
and I called up Rajesh to inform about my arrival. He came in another five
minutes and took me to his Home. I am not a great “social animal” but here it
did not take much time to strike conversation!! May be things get easy and
simple when interests are similar!!
Another falls on that way!!
After having stupendous breakfast, Rajesh dropped me at the bus stop
where the group had assembled. Rajesh could not join due to personal commitments.
At 7:30AM we were all set to go.
At Joseph’s house
After few hours of travel, our vehicle stopped in front of Joseph’s
house. Joseph would be guiding us to reach the waterfall. After exchanging pleasantries
we started our walk. And in few minutes we were in the thick jungles of
tropical forest.
The route was not clear and Joseph had to clear the path to
make way for us. An alternate way was to walk along the River but that would be
long and tedious journey. Still, we had to cross the stream few times as the
forest was too thick to continue further.
After about two hours of walking, the falls made its first
appearance. Joseph had thought that we would watch it for some time and then
return back. He was little surprised to hear that we were intending to reach
the base of the falls and not just watch it from a distance!!
First view of the falls
Finally, we reached a place where we could see the falls directly
in front of us. But to reach the base, we had to climb huge and slippery rocks.
At first, I was hesitant given my fear of slippery rocks. But then the “group spirit”
enabled me to climb further. This stretch was really tough where we slipped
many times. I had to walk barefoot to get some control over slippery rocks.  At one time I even crawled to avoid falling on
rocks. My dress was covered in mud by the time I reached the base.
The last 30 minutes was tiring but it was equally rewarding
at the end. We spent a long time in enjoying the waterfall.
In the meantime, Joseph headed back as he had to milk the
cows in his house. And now we had to return back on our own!!
The return journey was equally eventful. We lost of our way
many times but managed to find the correct route thanks to people like Sudheer
who had the knack for retracing the route. Later, Joseph refused to take any
money from us!! 
The route we climbed up
One big positive aspect of this trek was I made new friends and saw myself joining them in their subsequent programs!!  Special mention to Raghanna, Kamath Sir and Ashok Sir for their enthusiasm, energy and passion for trekking. 

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