Ranthambore fort

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27 December 2013
In the zest of wildlife sightings, many visitors forget to
visit the fort standing just opposite forest entry gate.  Like Devagiri fort in Maharashtra,
Ranthambore fort was equally formidable and was only conquered by invaders after
employing mischievous ways. Raja Hammir Dev found bravely against Allaudin
Khilji but was finally defeated due to the conspiracy of some of his Officers.
It is said that Allaudin Khilji, after taking over the fort killed all the
Officers who helped him saying that were traitors who were not loyal to their
Fort seen from the road
Ranthambore fort
The fort is situated on the hill and lies within Ranthambore
National park. From the main entrance, start walking up on the steps
constructed. At the next gate is a small idol of traitor, called gaddar!!
People generally throw a stone at it as a mark of disrespect. I wonder how come
the idol is still intact in spite of enduring such rough treatment from
“zig zag” path
One of the gate
The ‘traitor’
As we climb upwards though the zigzag path, the view gets better.
Ranthambore forest starts to open up offering beautiful view of the lake and
surrounding wild areas. There are some good vantage points here to enjoy great
views of the forest and the fort.
Pathway to Ranthambore fort
View of the lake and forest from Ranthambore fort
We then enter into the top portion of the fort where the
land levels. Dilapidated buildings are seen everywhere. One of the inspiring
buildings is Battis Khmaba Chattri, a dome that is supported by 32 pillars.
There is a small pool nearby which is said to be the bathing place for queens!!
Battis Khamba Chhatri
Queen’s pond
Hammir Palace can be seen from the dome but unfortunately
the huge building complex is locked. We walk further towards Ganesh Temple. The
Temple attracts lot of local people. Before the Temple is a pond which is quite
attractive. One of the two mosques in the fort lies near the lake.
Palace complex
Langur monkeys rule this area. No visitors can escape from
them if they carry any food items.  They
are confident and have “don’t care” attitude towards human beings. But they are
peaceful if your hands are empty!!
The fort is very huge and it takes several hours to just to
have a good view of it. Some parts of the forts are “wilder” as the forest has
overtaken the walls.
There is also a Jain Temple which makes the fort multi
religious area!!

Reaching Ranthambore fort is easy. It is just opposite to
the entrance of safari routes 2 and 3. Even though the road towards the fort
passes though the National Park, vehicles are allowed till the entrance. The
road is good for any four wheelers. There are no entrance fees for the fort.
Contrary to my expectation, the fort was not deserted. Thinking that the fort
is less visited and wild, I took a guide with us to be on the safer side!! Most
of the visitors were there just to visit Ganesh Temple. 

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