Boxdabbe falls

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27 July 2013
This is a waterfall that can be reached without putting much
effort. The falls makes its appearance from the main road itself. Thankfully,
it is not known to many people although it is famous among localities.
From the main road, we entered into a mud track. Very soon,
we were in a private area. No one was there to stop us thanks to pouring rains
and active leeches. A series of switchbacks brought us to a place where we
could see the waterfall hidden behind the canopy of trees.
Another minute of walk and we were at the base of the falls.
It is a two or three step falls. Thanks to heavy rains, I could only take out
my camera for few seconds and click.
It is a ‘safe’ falls where people can easily enter into the
water without the fear of being washed away. But it is not matter as we were
already wet and did not bother to get in.
Later in the day we were having tea at a tea stall where we
discussed about this waterfall. It was then we came to know that the locals
identify the falls by an Ex MLA’s name!!

What a falls and what a name!!

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  1. Aravind GJ

    Thanks everyone for your comments!! Since the place is still less known, I have not shared the information in public.

    If you need info, send me a mail and I will respond!!

  2. LetsTalk

    HI Aravinda,
    Could you please email location details to me ( and if possible put in your blog as well ?


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