To the base of Unchalli waterfalls

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23 February 2013
During my previous visits to this waterfall, I could only
view it from the top. My first visit was in late 90’s when the falls was less
known. Those were the times I could only afford to travel in public transport.
It had taken almost half day to reach this falls from my native place that was
barely 50km away!! A futile attempt was made to get down and we quickly
returned back when a snake appeared on our way.
The next visit was few years ago. By then, the falls had
gained popularity. Since I visited with my little cousins, I made no attempt to
get down.
I was in my native place this February. I, my brother and
two cousins set up a plan to get to base of this waterfall. Since I had not taken
my car, we had to settle down with bikes. A challenge for me considering my
limited two wheeler experience.
Reaching the falls was an uneventful affair. The place was
empty as only visitors had left before our arrival. I must say the falls had
decent amount of water considering weak monsoon we had this year. Spent some
time watching the waterfall before heading down.
There are two routes to get down to the base of the
waterfall. The prominent route directly below the view point is shorter but
steeper which requires tricky navigation on rocks. The other route goes next to
a toilet near the view point. The path meanders through the shoulder of the
hill and then climbs down to the valley. It joins the river about 200 meters
from the waterfall the distance which needs to be covered by jumping on rocks
formed on the river. This route is safer.
We took the later route. It took us less than an hour to
reach the bottom of the valley. A group from Shimoga was ready to head back.
Having taken the short route to descend, they looked concerned about climbing
up the same way. After discussing with us, they decided to take the route we
came down. In the process of discussion, my cousin found out that one of the
guys in the other group was his classmate during school days!! Mobile numbers
were exchange with promises to call later!!
A huge pool formed at the base of the falls. It was too
risky for us to go to the pool as the rocks were too steep and slippery. I
found a safe place and then jumped into water!! Others were little hesitant but
after few minutes all of us were in water!! 
The return journey would have been uneventful but for my inexperience with two wheeler. Just after Unchalli falls is a steep climb. Due to my foolishness, Bike stopped in the middle of this climb. On a car, I can handle it in a jiffy. On bike I struggled to keep the brake pressed, at the same time kick start the bike and accelerate at decent level. I do not know what happened but the bike did a 90 degree wheeling and fell down. That was bad and I hate myself for that.  Good thing was that there were no injuries either for us or bike.  

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  1. Neelima Vallangi

    This is wonderful! Last time I was there, it was just after heavy monsoons. The waterfall was so forceful that mist was rising up and falling as rain. It was incredible, then we knew going down wouldn't be a good option. I must try it out sometime between monsoons and winters. 🙂

  2. Srikanth Manjunath

    During monsoon..the falls provides a majestic view. Wow..Getting down the base of the falls and enjoying the beauty.. a real adventure indeed. I need to try out during the off season. Superb write-up and some more pictures would have increased the already beautiful blog to a next level. nevertheless superb effort.

  3. Aravind GJ

    I would not be possible to go down near the falls during monsoon. Post monsoon is the best time!!

    Thanks for your comments. It is always a great feeling to go near to the falls!!


  4. Santosh bs

    wow! more water and it would be jaw dropping!

    and well you finally pulled off some stunts w/o any injuries on the bike 🙂

  5. Aravind GJ


    That's right. November/December would be a good time to go down.

    The stunt was unintentional!! But luckily things went well.

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