Revana Siddeshwara Betta

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27 January 2013

We had to beat a hasty retreat during our visit to this
place last year. I, my wife and kid had just started our climb to the hill when
a monkey came very near to us. Aware of their menace, we had not carried any
food items. But this monkey was more technical!! It tried to grab my camera. When
I tried to shoo off, it turned ferocious by standing on its two legs with hands
spread out to attack. The situation was dangerous as my daughter stood next to
View from the base of the hill
All this happened in a split of a second and the next moment
I had kicked the monkey hard on its belly. The strong kick with heavy shoe made
the monkey somersault several times before escaping a fall from the cliff. It
ran away as it lost its courage.
Revana Siddeshwara Betta
All this scared my daughter a lot. No amount of convincing
would make her move up. She is a small kid and is quite natural for her to
behave in that way. So we decided to cut short our climb and return back.
Few months had passed after this incident. It was a boring
Sunday and we decided to complete this uncompleted trip. My daughter with
experience had now learnt that the monkey could be handled with a good stick!!
Steps to climb up
Revana Siddeshwara Betta is about 60km from Bengaluru.  It is 13km from Ramanagar on
Ramanagar-Kanakapura road.
Last step
The place is very popular among locals who come to offer
prayers in the Temple situated on top of the hill. Luckily very people were
seen on that day.
A lake seen from the top
At the base of the hill are some Temples and guest houses.
There is a road that goes to the middle of the hill and rest of the journey
must be covered on foot.
The path initially winds around the hill and then suddenly
climbs up the monolith. The steps carved from rocks and the railings ease the
climb. Else, this steep climb would be very risky on the hill.
It took just around 20 minutes to climb to the top. Not a
difficult one at all. Sri Revana Siddeshwara Temple is situated on top of the
hill perched on a cliff. I could see many elderly people and people with
infants climbing up and offering prayers here. Seems to be a very sacred place
for locals.
Revana Siddeshwara Temple on the top
A good place to spend an evening. But it gets very crowded
during festivals and auspicious days. Keep that in mind before heading out to
this place.
Road that leads to middle of the hill

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  1. Srikanth Manjunath

    Good post with good details. Revanasiddeshwara hill can be covered in a package of Revanasiddeshwarara Betta+Aprameya temple (ambegaalu krishna+Tour to Heritage wines+Ramadevara Betta). Energy level is the factor.

    Pictures are very nicely captured, and yes monkey menace is the one thing need to be taken care off. Good post, i liked it.

  2. Aravind GJ

    That's right!! But we are covering these places one by one as a part of "evening trips" from our Home.

    Ajay, Niranjan, Vineeta,

  3. Aravind GJ

    That's right!! But we are covering these places one by one as a part of "evening trips" from our Home.

    Ajay, Niranjan, Vineeta,

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