Tirathgarh waterfalls

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26 December 2012
From Kutumsar cave, we headed to Tirathgarh waterfalls.  People combine their visit to Tirathgarh and
Kutumsar cave as both are inside Kanger Valley national park.
When we reached the parking place of Tirathgarh falls, our
driver warned us about the monkey menace at the falls. So, we dropped the idea
of carrying food. Instead we searched for some good “sticks” that can scare the
monkeys off. My daughter took the biggest one. She was happy to see monkeys
running away on brandishing the stick!!
We descended down the steps to reach the base of the
waterfall. The water falls down from series of rocky steps which resembles like
falling from a staircase. There was quite a crowd at the base of the falls with
most of them posing in front of camera and others swimming in a small pool
formed at the base.
The waterfall drops in two streams. One stream was easily
seen from the place we stood. I crossed to see the other side the falls formed
by second stream. The water from the second stream was directly falling to the
base of the valley while the first one dropped in two stages. I went down
further to see the second stage of the falls.
Surprisingly very few people go down to the second stage of
the falls. It was more serene and beautiful than the crowded first stage.
Second stage of the falls
The waterfall drops even further down to reach the bottom of
the valley after which it flows into a gorge.
Base of the valley
We climbed back with our tummies craving for food. The
eateries near the falls only had scary looking stuff filled with oil. So we had
to be contended with packed food that we brought from Jagdalpur. While eating I
also did an additional duty of chasing monkeys away. It was too much for them
to see people having food in front of them!!
From the top
One can also reach the top of the falls easily. The Kanger
valley can be seen for miles ahead and if you put your head down your eyes will
be filled with the people swimming at the base of the falls.
Kanger valley from top of the falls

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  1. padmini

    nice post.Actually this will always matter of fact people do not go to the upper or lower stage of waterfall so it always remain less crowded and not to mention clean and scenic.Thanks for the post.

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