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30th December 2012
It was the day where we were visiting two Temple towns. One is
known for its Architectural beauty while the other is famous for its religious significance.
We start with the religious one, the town of Puri.
Jagannath Temple seen from the main road
Puri is about 60km from Bhubaneswar but it took us more than
two hours to cover this distance. Heavy traffic and road widening in progress
were some of the reasons that can be attributed for the slow journey.
Devotees on the way to the Temple
As expected, Puri was overflowing with pilgrims from various
part of India. Lord Jagannath Temple here attracts religious people. As with
many religious sites, Puri is also not free from pandas (priests) who make a living
by cheating gullible devotees. One such person arrives as we get down from
taxi. He has a kamandala claiming that the holy water can cure all our sins committed
in our lives. Wow!! What an easy way to get rid of sins!!  We ignored him completely but then there were others
who took that water with all devotion. And then they need to pay him
handsomely. Nothing is free!! (Later when we returned back to Taxi stand, I saw
that the priest was sharing his “revenue” with a police constable).
Administration did a good thing by blocking main road for
all vehicles. We travelled some distance on cycle rickshaw and then walked the
remaining. The main road was flanked with shops which were too hard to ignore
for my wife and daughter. While they shopped I went ahead on the main road towards
My daughter happy after buying toys!!
I do not believe in standing in the queue for hours just to
see God for a fraction of a second.  For me the experience in reaching the place and
the place itself provides immense satisfaction.
Puri has a great beach. It is said that both sunrise and
sunset can be viewed from this beach. We could not watch either of them as we were
there right in the middle of the day.
This was one of the most crowded beaches I have seen in my
life. Kids like beach without any reservation and my daughter spent a good
amount of time playing in water and sand.
We were hungry but the restaurants near the beach served
only bad food. The Temple road had some good restaurants but we didn’t want to
go back to the town and hence decided to eat on the way to Konark.

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  1. Team G Square

    Agree with you, standing in queues for hours just watching god for fraction of seconds is really stupid . But beach is really awesome .

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