Saavira Kambada Basadi, Moodabidri

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1st October 2012
Saavira Kambada Basadi, translated as Thousand pillars
Temple is a Jain Temple situated at Moodabidri town in South Kanara district. I
made a point to visit this place during my pilgrimage trip to South Kanara.
It was the first time I was using “Sygic” maps on my Phone
for navigation. It worked well and when it announced “you have reached your
destination”, the Basadi was in front of us.
The entrance of the Temple stand at the end of a small road.
After the entrance is a second gate which leads to the main
Temple. In front of the main Temple is a mahastamba some 60 feet tall.
Photography was not allowed inside the Temple. When asked
for permission, the person in charge asked to donate money to the Temple. I was
then allowed to take photographs!
Entrance to the Temple is marked by two Elephant statues.
We did a quick check and felt that the number of pillars
must be lesser than thousand!! But Temple people said that there are pillars on
the first floor where the entry is restricted.
The Basadi was built in 1430 AD where Chandranath, 8th
Thirthankara is worshipped.
The main door of the Temple.
If you are going through Moodabidri, do not forget to visit
this Temple. There are many Jain Basadi in the town but “Saavira Kambada
Basadi” stands tall among all of them.

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