Ruined Temples of Koravangala

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28 April 2012
The village of Koravangala has
three Hoysala Temples. Bucheshwara Temple mentioned in the earlier post is well
maintained by ASI. The other two Temples under the control of Karnataka Government
are completely in ruins.
These ruins lie opposite to Bucheshwara
Temple. The complex consists of Nageshwara and Govindeshwara Temple. Both idols
are missing. That might be a cause for the negligence as religious people do
not take interest in preserving such Temples.
The entire structure is delicate
which scared me to venture into. Luckily people had not used for nature calls!!
But there were ample proof of people using this place for drinking and playing.
Undergrowth has taken over these
It looks like there was some
effort before to restore the Temple. But for some reason it was stopped.
Only work the Karnataka
Government did was to put up the board. They are very good at it.

11 Responses

  1. Anuradha Shankar

    unfortunately, all that seems to happen is putting up boards! the temple looks so beautiful in spite of its state… i wonder when we will learn to preserve our heritage and not just for religious reasons!

  2. Srikanth Manjunath

    Arvind..really Hassan and surrounding places are beehive for hoysala architecture..The photos were nicely is pity that neither people nor the government show some respect to these places..

    There are many more in and around Hassan..A temple Near Mosale (a hamlet near) is also worth visiting

    Nice blog, photos, and the narration!!!

  3. Team G Square

    Thanks for writing about these neglected temples . There is some problem in our attitude , actually we had gone in a group of so called like minded to this place , I and my wife found it hard convince these people to at least visit these temples forget about other things .Simple response was there is nothing to see there . We never know how to value our heritage and resources very sad .

  4. Aravind GJ

    Srikanth, Vineeta, Dhiraj,
    Thanks for your comments and concerns. Hope there is an improvement in attitude of people in future.

  5. Rakesh Holla

    Beautiful temple but in a very bad condition…Hope ASI department will restore this temple soon…I missed few these temples in my Koravangala visit…Nice exploration.

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