MP trip: Bhopal – Bhojpur

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27th October 2009

The main attraction in Bhojpur is the huge Shivalinga in Bhojeshwar Temple. Bhojpur is about 25 km from Bhimbetka and about the same distance from Bhopal.

The linga is about 7.5 ft in height and the platform itself is about 21 ft in height. It is huge!!

This Temple was built by Raja Bhoja of Paramara dynasty in the beginning of the 11th century. But for some unknown reason it was not completed. We then went to Bhopal, did some shopping and after dinner set out to the railway station. This ended our journey of Western part of Madhya Pradesh.

To be continued…

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  1. One

    its a known reason now.
    I read sadhguru's mystic musings where he talks about it.

    He actually finished a successfully a dhyanalinga of this kind in Coimbatore.

    Bhojpur linga is 95% finished and got stopped after the yogi who consecreated it left his body to merge with linga. There's alot into it – unless you dwell into it to find out, what I say will make no sense.

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