Manchanabele Dam

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21 December 2008
It is a small dam near Bengaluru. I liked the first view of the Dam while driving from Big Banyan Tree.

There is a road that goes along the backwaters of the dam. Contrary to my belief, the backwater is surrounded by villages.

How to reach Manchanabele dam:
Take right on Mysore road near RajaRajeshwari Medical College towards Big Banyan tree. 7 kms from this deviation is the Big Banyan tree. Continue further for another 10 kms where the backwaters of the dam can be seen. A small road to the right will take to the backwaters of the Dam.
More photos of Manchanabele Dam can be seen here.

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  1. Kalyan

    Nice pics. I’ve to this place within a week of coming to Bangalore – that was 17 months back. The drive from Banyan Tree to this place is really awesome – the landscape, the chai-pakori mid way and the road everything makes the trip worth a go. Your post is encouraging me write about it as well.

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