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23 June 2008
This is one place which I am sure that most people are not aware of!! “Kalsanka” in kannada means “Stone bridge”. It is a natural bridge formed over a stream. This place is very near to my native place Talavata, near Jog falls. The length of the bridge is about 20 meters.

I was in my native place last weekend to attend a function. My attempts to pull people for a visit to a waterfall proved futile. It was then I went to this place for evening walk. Many people in my village are not even aware of this place.

I have no idea on how this natural bridge was formed. There is a small idol of a God placed near the bridge to add religious significance. The bridge is quite strong.
Although there are many huge natural bridges over rivers in many parts of the world, I do not have much information about the ones in India or Karnataka. But as far as i know natural bridges are rarity.

If you are going to Jogfalls or Honnavar, spare some 5 minutes to visit this place.

How to reach:
Talguppa is a small town 14 kms from Sagar on NH206. Continue on this road towards Honnavar passing though Churikatte, Manmane and Talavata village. One km from Talavata is a “Minor bridge”. Hundred meters from this bridge, is a small mud road towards left. Walk for a minute on this road to reach “Kalsanka”. The distance from Talguppa to Kalsanka is about 6 kms.
Click here for Wikimapia location.

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  1. jackspar

    Its good to see your interest in developing indian tourism.When I visit your country It will be one of the place of my tour plan.


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  2. Aravind GJ

    Thanks Rajesh. I was planning to go to Gundanagundi falls. Well, could not convince others to venture out during rains.

  3. Aravind GJ

    Thanks. In USA, there is a natural arch at Virginia.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. You have a good suggestion. But the doubt is whether i have the time and energy to update the Wiki entries.

    Oflate, I also feel that we should not give lot of details about the remote areas we visit. I have seen few cases where people swamp the places when the details about the places is published. Interested people would anyway ask the right persons. Like, i ask Rajesh Naik for details for most of my trip to western ghats.

  4. Srikanth Manjunath

    Good one Arvind…Today (04.09.2010) i saw the information in Local Vijaya Karnataka, and when i googled, i tumbled upon your blog…really it is informative..unfortunately, last week i visited Jogfalls, i had time, and energy…but at that time, i didnt had the information about this place..

    Your blog spurred an idea to make a trip again, surely it will get in to my blog ASAP.

    BTW nice write up on this, it is informative…Thanks once again

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